What are the benefits of membership?

  1. You can join the Hungarian community in Carolina.

  2. You can see where Hungarians live in the area.

  3. You can use our forum to get in touch with Hungarians nearby and stay in touch with them

  4. You can find out first and foremost about Hungarian events in the area (for example, camps, festivals, picnics, worship services, film festivals, concerts, gatherings...etc.)

  5. You can preregister for our camps and book your rooms in advance.

  6. You can sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about our programs and meetings.

  7. You can sign up for events and also see who else is going to the programs (RSVP)

  8. You can initiate and organize programs yourself and advertise it on our website.

  9. In order to protect our data, our forum is private, membership is needed, providing an opportunity to establish personal relationships and correspondence.