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Board Members


Board members




I have been a member and organizer at the Carolinas Hungarian Group since 2017. My goal is to preserve Hungarian culture and hand it to the next generation within the Hungarian diaspora living in the U.S. I am currently researching countries’ peaceful foreign policy tools at the University of South Carolina’s Walker Institute of International and Area Studies and teach political science at the university.

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I joined the Carolinas Hungarian Group in 2007, and since then I've been working in leadership positions to create a vibrant and inclusive community for the Hungarian diaspora in the Carolinas. I do all this from the Upstate of South Carolina, where I teach technical, business and science writing for Clemson University, shepherd my multicultural family, and enjoy the natural beauties of our region.

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I have been supporting the works of the Carolinas Hungarians Group since 2010. As a Vice President of the organization with my family we have been organizing and attending the events and camps for over 20 years. My goal is to help everyone find and connect with our Hungarian community in the Carolinas and beyond. We moved to Elkin, NC in 1998 (80 miles from Charlotte, NC). We are visiting Hungary regularly as many of our friends and family members still live there. Also, we have deep connections with the Hungarian community in the Southeast of the U.S. 




I have been supporting the work of the Carolinas Hungarian Group as a treasurer since the Spring of 2019.  I am also the Financial Director at the Online Hungarian School, also based in North Carolina. We moved to the United States with my husband and two daughters in 2017. We have been living in Charlotte since the end of 2018. I worked in Hungary as an economist and business analyst. It is important for me that our daughters stay close to their cultural heritage, their home country and their mother tongue. We visit Hungary regularly and place great emphasis on preserving the Hungarian language and traditions in everyday life.



PR and Communication Manager

​I have been helping and supporting the Carolinas Hungarian Group with my work since 2016. We moved to SC in 2015. Originally, I am a sociologist, having previously taught for years on university level. I am currently also the Assistant Principal of the Online Hungarian School and one of the elders of the Hungarian Church in the Carolinas.Despite the fact that I spent my entire adult life in America, our Hungarian roots are very important to me and my family. I have always been an active organizer of the Hungarian cultural life wherever we lived.



Community Relations Manager

I am one of the founders of the Carolinas Hungarian Group. I have been organizing and supporting our Hungarian events since 2007. I am also the founder and the Director of the Online Hungarian School since 2009. My goal is to create an online school that is able to teach Hungarian language and culture to children and to adults all over the world.



Membership Coordinator

​My husband and I moved to the United States in 2018 and since then we have lived in Charlotte. As a Hungarian from Transylvania, it has always been important for me to preserve Hungarian culture and the traditions belong to it. My goal is to support the work of the Carolinas Hungarian Group, as well as to support the integration of new members, thus helping to form a cohesive Hungarian community.

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