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About Us

  1. Nurturing,preserving and passing on the Hungarian language and culture in the Hungarian diaspora in the Carolinas

  2. Helping to preserve the national identity of our members

  3. Providing educational opportunities for Hungarians living in the area or with Hungarian connections or those interested in the Hungarian language and culture

  4. Building and maintaining close relationship between Hungarian groups in North and South Carolina and further afield

  5. Providing the Hungarian community with a web-based, interactive forum through which the stated goals can be achieved

Our Goals

Our events are held at multiple locations in Charlotte, Elkin, Spruce Pine, NC and Greenville, Columbia, SC as well as in some beach locations in NC or SC. We hold our annual Easter Camp (weekend-long meetup) at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain. We do try to vary the locations so everyone can attend. We ask that you attend at least one meetup event every 6 months, so that we can meet you / know who you are. We are a close knit group and in order to form a good community it is important that we see one another regularly.

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